Gourmet Catering in Big Sky, Montana

Dishing it out, so you don't have to!

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Hey, People!!!

Regular Store Hours*********Mon thru Sat***********8am to 5pm

Breakfast Now Available on Sunday

********8am - 12pm**********


>>>Breakfast Panini<<<

scrambly eggs, carmelized bacon & cheddar on ciabatta

>>>Veggie Panini<<<

scrambly eggs, veggies & cheddar on ciabatta

>>>Chorizo Scramble<<<

3 eggs, chorizo & cheddar GF

>>>Made to Order Crepes<<<

huckleberry or Nutella


w/ smoked trout & herby cream cheese

>>>Homemade Granola & Scones<<<

Starbucks French Roast Coffee, Same Day Free Refills


Lots of Festive Goodies

to Create a Fabulous Summer Party

w/o the Mess or Hassle!

Check Out the Menu

Call ahead for pick up

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Conveniently located in Town Center next to The Cave Liquor.

(We sit right in the middle!!)

33 Lone Peak Dr, Big Sky, Mt 59716